Experimental project starring our Book Boy character 
Project initially developed to test out rigid dynamics in 3D software Cinema 4D.
As we progressed we found Booky to be quite photogenic and gathered the different simulations to bring life to our character through this aesthetically pleasing short movie.
Direction & CGI: Manifest
Music: Emmit Fenn


Booksy’s real life problems.

3D Compositing using Cinema 4D camera tracking tools and AfterEffects. The notion of Augmented Reality (AR) is increasingly impacting many industries and offers the advertising sector new ways to connect with people. The integration of 3D branded elements as a creative approach to create awareness through entertainment, surprise and innovation. In this example, we made Booksy become part ouf our world, as we can see him trying to find his way in the streets of Geneva, Switzerland. Not so easy for him, eh!
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